We were honoured to speak at the 2019 Indigenous Languages Conference in Kamloops, BC. The people were wonderful, the diversity of culture and language was amazing and the location is stunning.

Tony Woods presenting an early version of the Seedling platform at the Indigenous Languages Conference, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada 2019.

As well as presenting an early prototype of Seedling, Tony, one of our Co-founders, enjoyed participating in discussions, seminars and workshops. He even found himself getting involved in some traditional singing and dancing, though fortunately for him there is no photographic evidence of this. Next time he promises to bring an Irish Bodhrán drum to share some Celtic rhythms with the delegates.

Also while attending the conference Tony was able to visit Chief Atahm School to witness the fantastic work they have been doing there and see our games in use in their classroom.

“The whole experience was one I will never forget. I want to thank Robert and Kathryn, and everyone within their community, for inviting me and making me feel so welcome. I hope I get the opportunity of attending future conferences and I look forward to further developing the Seedling Platform in collaboration with the Secwepemc speaking people as well as other First Peoples.”

Tony Woods, COO Seedling