Indigenous Language School Testimonial

Seedling is ideal for indigenous language educators. Chief Atahm, a First Nation school in British Columbia, Canada, has used the platform to create games in the Secwepemc language. Kathryn Michel, Language Education Specialist at Chief Atahm identified and purchased Seedling for her school.

“We wanted interactive games that would engage our children and complement our immersion program. I contacted Seedling and after a short training session, we were creating lots fun Secwepemc games and interactive stories. Everyone here loves the result!”

Kathryn Michel, Language Education Specialist, Chief Atahm School

Chief Atahm School offers children from the First Nation communities of Adams Lake Band, Neskonlith and Little Shuswap the opportunity to learn and be immersed in their own language and culture.

Seedling worked closely with the School to tailor the games to be in harmony with their history and culture. Kathryn said, “The whole experience was very smooth. We were delighted that the Seedling team really “got” what we wanted to achieve. Seedling supplies beautiful characters and backgrounds which are perfect for our young learners.”

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Visit the Chief Atahm School indigenous language games page.

Róisín Maguire, CEO of Seedling said, “Chief Atahm have the same challenges and ambitions as our own Irish indigenous language schools. In configuring the platform for the Secwepemc language, our previous experience with our own native language schools proved invaluable. We are honoured that our Seedling platform is assisting Chief Atahm with the revitalisation of their Secwepemc language.”

Seedling – tailor educational games for your language, culture and learning objectives

Seedling offers a wide range of game templates. Using our intuitive interface, you can change text, images and sound files within any game or story. There is no limit to the amount of resources you can create! Seedling games play in any web browser and on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing students to play virtually anywhere.

With Seedling you can create personalized, interactive, learning resources for your students..

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Games for Indigenous Language Learning

At Seedling we have a passion for Indigenous languages.

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