Seedling create a new Ulster-Scots Educational Resource

Titanic, World War One and life in Victorian Times all feature in a new Ulster-Scots learning resource created by the team at Seedling.

My Yarns weaves a narrative that brings history to life through the eyes of the McKee family – Molly McKee (née Carson), her husband Eddie and their son Billy. The resource extends beyond mere facts and dates; it is an invitation for young minds to experience the essence of day-to-day life in these historic times while fostering an appreciation for the Ulster-Scots language and written composition.

Funded by Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund, this digital treasure trove is designed to immerse Key Stage 2 students in the rich tapestry of our past by focusing on these three pivotal themes from a distinctive Ulster-Scots perspective. This learning resource will be promoted to all schools in Northern Ireland through both the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment (CCEA) and Discover Ulster-Scots websites.

Accompanying the online project is a downloadable educational package with interactive stories, a glossary of key Ulster-Scots words and a compelling picture gallery curated from the collections of National Museums Northern Ireland.

Understanding that teachers are the architects of learning, My Yarns also offers schools access to the Seedling Interactive Learning Authoring Platform. This cutting-edge tool empowers educators to craft their own interactive writing projects tailored to inspire and engage their students.

“We are proud to support educators in bringing our shared heritage into the classroom in a way that resonates with the younger generation,” said Tony Woods, co-founder of Seedling. “My Yarns is not just a resource but a gateway to the past, fostering an educational experience that is both meaningful and captivating.”

“The Seedling team has done a fantastic job in connecting three core curriculum subjects in this innovative online resource,” added Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund Executive Heidi McAlpin. “Each shares a rich Ulster-Scots legacy that will be seen and heard by a new generation of schoolchildren.”

As well as via the CCEA and Discover Ulster-Scots websites, My Yarns can also be accessed directly at Educators across Northern Ireland are invited to explore this resource and discover the multitude of ways it can enrich their teaching and their students’ learning.