At Seedling we have a passion for Indigenous languages. We are proud of the contribution we have made promoting our local languages in Northern Ireland. We have created hundreds of interactive learning games for the two indigenous languages spoken here – Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) and Ulster-Scots.

Our HTML5 games do not discriminate in quality between modern languages and more ancient niche languages. We believe that students studying their indigenous language deserve the same fun interactive learning that is expected for modern European languages.

Fun Gamified Learning – Ideal for Indigenous Language Games

Our games are easily adapted to suit a wide range of languages. We have a development methodology that can cope with the limitations some languages have around fonts and we also have functionality to cater for the nuances of varying dialects. Our Seedling platform means we can have your games up and running in days.

Seedling – educational games that can be tailored to your culture and learning objectives

Seedling games are designed to run in a web browser on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices which means they can we accessed virtually anywhere. There are over 50 game templates to choose from, which you can very easily customize with your own content. As well as being able to change the text, Seedling enables you to also tailor the graphics and audio files for each game.