Seedling are exhibiting at BETT UK 2024, at the London Excel 24-26 January 2024. You can find us at the UK Pavilion (Stand NC10) within the Global Showcase.

Transforming Game-Based Learning Production for Educational Publishers

Educational publishers face an increasing demand for engaging, interactive learning tools like games, stories, and quizzes. Historically, creating such content has been resource-intensive, demanding a mix of technical skills, design expertise, and substantial time. Seedling revolutionises this process.

Introducing Seedling’s No-Code Authoring Platform

Seedling presents an innovative no-code platform, empowering publishers and service providers to rapidly produce high-quality game-based learning materials. With our intuitive authoring environment, your editorial team can either craft interactive games in-house or collaborate with Seedling for full creative development. Our unique web interface provides seamless access for ongoing edits and updates post-launch.

Seedling’s Commitment to Your Success:

  • Accelerate Your Time to Market: Leverage Seedling’s game templates to transition from concept to classroom in mere minutes. Deliver fresh educational games to your Learning Delivery System swiftly and efficiently.
  • Stay Agile: Quickly adapt to educational trends and feedback, creating and modifying games to keep your content at the cutting edge.
  • Innovative Revenue Options: With Seedling, produce a dynamic stream of game-based content, ensuring a continual renewal of interactive resources for your clients.

Talk to Us About:

  • Enhancing Legacy Publications: Breathe new life into existing materials with interactive content that complements and enriches the educational experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate Seedling’s technology into your current content creation workflows for a smooth transition to interactive learning.
  • Embracing AI Innovation: Stay ahead with our AI-powered content generation engine and upcoming AI advancements, designed to streamline your content development process.

About Seedling:

Seedling is at the forefront of interactive educational technology. Founded by industry veterans, our company specialises in providing advanced authoring tools and APIs that integrate effortlessly with the systems used by leading educational publishers and their affiliates.